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I had a lot of fun today. It was one of those days when all girls (30 odd) in the team got together to spend quality time together. The excuse- Women’s Day.

I am still undecided if I want a particular day dedicated to myself. So Women’s Day was not the reason in joined in the fiesta. I was there for some girl-time with my friends. I was there because I could be myself and do what I like. And that’s what I did. I volunteered to be the MC and took the stage. Luckily, the humor was appreciated and the audience cheered me as I called one fresher after the other for an ice-breaker session.

What a sportive bunch of girls they were! When the party began, they were apprehensive, shy, and unwilling to shake a leg. But as time passed and the crowd cheered them on they took the floor by storm and how! Later, they even climbed chairs for the photo-op!

It was a fun day and we celebrated female companionship. Women can be unforgiving, competitive and unreasonable sometimes but when they love and care they give it their everything. They laugh, they tease, they watch out for each other, and they patiently inch closer and closer till everyone makes it into a single picture frame. THAT for me calls for a celebration!