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It was scarry, nerve-wracking and seemed like an adventurous decision. Inspite of that, two strangers decided to meet and willingly subject themselves to awkward conversations. The usual drill of arranged marraiges.

But truely, a lot can happen over coffee!

The initial shyness slowly gave way to comfort and we allowed each other a little peek into our personal lives and spaces. Formal yet comfortable in each other’s company, we spent hours nibbling on banana-walnut-cakes and sipping coffee. Stories of family and friends made us crack up and we filled the emptiness with peels of laughter. Slowly the newness and strangeness was fading and there seemed a possibility of great friendship, comfort, trust, and happiness. I saw it as a SIGN.

It’s been 8 years since then. Looking back I feel our first meeting was a blueprint of what was to come. My dear, thank you for being such a wonderful companion. Your friendship and love means the world to me.

Happy 8th to us!!!