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Most pregnant women reading the title would say “not again!” I hear you. Everyone around you must be generous with their pieces of advice. You have already been briefed a zillion times about the importance of eating right, exercising, walking slowly, avoiding stress etc.

As I write this post, I am 6 months pregnant. So I have received a fair share of that gyaan too. From all those well-meaning sessions, I have filtered out a few advice from friends and family which really helped me. Some of these tips are simple and obvious but nevertheless someone had to point them out to me. I am greateful to those who did.

I will continue updating this list as and when I receive more of these pearls of wisdom.


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Breaking the news to friends and family

  • Take your time. It is more important that you enjoy this moment with your partner than spend time reaching out to people. And if you don’t want to share the news immediately, that’s fine too. In our case, we chose to do it a few weeks later. That gave us enough time to enjoy the moment before the phones started ringing!


  • Eating out is fine. What you eat is what really matters. AVOID salads and uncooked food that can unsettle your stomach.
  • Don’t try things that you have not tasted before (just because people told you it is healthy!). This is not the time to experiment. Someone had recommended a certain green, leafy vegetable to me which I had never had before. I started including it in my diet. By the third day, I was sick and throwing up.

Hair and Skin

  • ‘Hair coloring is not recommended’, said my doc. According to her, the chemicals can be harmful and are best avoided. She said I could continue using cosmetics such as eye liners, lipsticks etc.
  • Moisturize yourself well. When your body starts expanding, a part of the discomfort can be due to the stretching skin. So be generous with the moisturizer bottles! I wasn’t much into using creams but now I INDULGE. I gifted myself some fragrant and light moisturizers which make me feel good. I also use the stretch marks cream prescribed by my doc.

Clothes and Footwear

  • Always wear light colored underwear. This is very important because you need to know if you are spotting or have any irregular discharge.
  • There is a difference between buying plus size and maternity wear (yes, someone had to point this out to me!) Maternity wear can be your size with extra space to accommodate your growing self. A Plus size is the next big size which means drooping shoulders and unflattering length which you do not need.
  • Watch out for swollen hands and feet. Speak to your doc on what you can do to keep it under check. You might even have to opt for a bigger size of footwear. Time to go shopping…yay!! 🙂

Lifestyle changes

  • Whether you have exercised before or not does not matter. This is a good time to start. Walking for 20-30 minutes is usually recommended.
  • Start setting aside a little time for your baby. It helps. Especially when you need to monitor baby movements. I noticed that on days when I was busy, the baby wouldn’t move much. My own constant movements were probably rocking baby to sleep. Then I started slowing down. After every meal, I would put my feet up and gently touch my belly. The response from the other side by terrific! This soon became our play time!


  • Don’t start sleeping on your sides very early. Wait for the doctor to tell you when to start. Sleeping on your side is not easy. So give yourself those initial months of good sleep.
  • Invest in an extra pair of pillow. It really helps to have them support your legs, lower back etc.
  • You are lucky if you don’t feel tired too often. It is still a good idea to give yourself enough sleep and rest. It will relax your mind and body.
  • By the end of 7th month, you might experience insomnia. If you know it’s happening to you then figure your way around it. For me, an evening walk followed by a hot shower and a warm glass of milk before bed did the trick.

Finally, my favorite:

  • Consider the 9 months as your best “ME TIME” ever. Do everything that makes you happy. It’s a new phase and one that will always be remembered fondly. So make it memorable for yourself!