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As someone who hosts and attends several meetings every week, I have my preferences. While there are some meetings that I really look forward to attending, there are others that I absolutely dread. The points for discussion and other logistics remain the same, the differentiating factor is the participant list. Some of my collegues are extremely organized, punctual and focused during meetings while there are others who…well…are a little difficult to handle.

Here’s what they do and what I would like to say to them:

  1. Asking the meeting host “Do we have the meeting today?”
    Yes, my dear, we do. Else, you would received a cancellation note from me so stop asking this question every time u bump into me before a meeting!
  2. “What’s the dial- in number again?”
    It’s a scheduled meeting which has been going on for months now. Just because you are the last  person to walk in usually, you never had to dial into a conference. And then one day someone happens to ask you to dial in and you are clueless beacuse you never paid attention. Well, guess what you just made them regret asking you for help.
  3. Verbal diarrhea
    Control the urge to explain the point again and again. We have heard you. Now give us a chance to respond.
  4. Doodling
    Well, it better be a master piece that you are creating while everyone else is busy contributing ideas.
  5. Sharing jokes
    Pointing to the laptop screen and sharing jokes with the person sitting next to you. I am sure it is funny and needs to be shared instantly but do you realise that you are distracting everyone? How about reserving it for later?
  6. Typing away!
    Meetings are not forums to complete you pending tasks. So don’t type away as if you are in a competition.
  7. Mute your laptop
    Don’t make others jump out of their seats every time someone pings you on chat!

Are any of these your pet peeves