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Sometimes we are so consumed with self-pity that we fail to notice our loved ones who suffer silently with us yet continue to support us in whichever way possible. It’s their love which gives us the strength to bounce back and regain control. And when that happens, all worries slowly start fading away.

The past 2 months have been crazy. I haven’t had a single day off ever since the baby arrived. There were several people around to welcome the baby but a few weeks later, it felt like everyone except me had gone back to minding their own business. Being a first time mommy everything from the loud cries to the late night feeding feels overwhelming. And to think that you are alone in this only makes it worse. So I decided to share my feelings and let the world around me know how I was feeling. I called up my family and cribbed. They said they were going to visit us as soon as possible. Ok, that’s some relief but what about this moment? Now?

So I confronted my husband who had just got back home after a 12 hr work schedule and asked him why he couldn’t call more often or just come home earlier. To which he replied, if he had the time to call every few hours he would rather finish things quickly at work and be home with us. I knew he was being honest but my woes were still unaddressed. So I kept mumbling and finally when I rocking baby to sleep I muttered how I hadn’t slept properly for so many nights and wished there was someone to take over for one night. Clearly, I was talking to either myself or the baby because the third person in the room was snoring by then. I was irritated but decided to wait till the next morning. Somewhere around midnight my baby decided to call it a day and I dropped my head on to my waiting pillow. Before I realised I passed out. It must have been past a few hours when I heard someone whispering. Slowly I opened by eyes and saw my husband rocking the baby back to sleep. He was telling baby how tired her mama was and that she needed rest so he was taking over for that night.