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This article is about being prepared for times when you need to head out in a jiffy but have little or no time to spend on looking good. I set out to write this article for new moms but honestly any busy woman will benefit from these ideas. So go ahead and let me know if it worked for you.

  1. First thing first. Block an hour for yourself and ransack your wardrobe. Pull out stuff that you like wearing and try them on. Keep aside ONLY what fits you at this point in life. Fold the rest and deal with it later. Remember, you need to do this exercise periodically depending on how your body is changing.
  2. Make sure the clothes you have identified are washed, ironed and organized a way that makes it easy for you to find them. Next time you want to run out of the door for a quick errand just slip into one of those.
    TIP: When you are in hurry NEVER try a dress that you haven’t worn during or after your pregnancy. Always know that the slightest doubt about your appearance will make you wish you had opted for something safer. So step out in clothes that make you feel confident and nice about yourself.
  3. Don’t save that pretty outfit for another day. If you are a new mom chances are you don’t get to go out often. So why save for another day? Today is that day. Wear it and be ready to accept all the compliments that come your way because when you are happy from within, it’s bound to show!
  4. Find a good pouch or organizer to carry all your favorite cosmetics and accessories. Chose the right size pouch that will fit in any handbag – big or small. Fill the pouch with things that you can apply on the move lipstick, gloss, perfume etc. A comb and scrunchy for a bad hair day and a pair of ear rings or bracelet that will match well with all your outfits. TIP: For an instant makeover try a lip gloss, lipstick or kohl.
  5. Finally, remember no matter how organized and prepared you are life can still be unpredictable with a little one in toe. So there maybe days when s/he will puke on your crisp white shirt or wipe dirty hands on your blouse. Don’t let that dampen your spirit. Shrug it off and move on with a smile. After all, the most beautiful thing you will ever wear is not a piece of clothing or accessory but your attitude!