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Far too many Indian men take pride in saying that they can’t cook. Lines like these are very common:

I can boil water…
I can try making tea…
I can just about fry eggs…

Let me begin by saying this…SHAME ON YOU!

I really hope you have hired a cook. Else, some partner/ wife/ mother must be shouldering this burden for no fault of hers. Many women enjoy cooking for their family, BUT an equally large number of them don’t fancy it. So make sure you are not subjecting her to TORTURE. Yes, you heard me right. Watch out the next time you place an order! Someday she might just hurl the pan at you!

What can you do about it now? For starters, offer to help in the kitchen. Do the dishes or lay the table. Once in a while surprise her with a cup of bed tea/ coffee. Next, look up the internet, find a good/ detailed recipe for a simple weekend meal and offer to cook for her. It’s not rocket science.

Lastly, remember to tell your son that cooking is a life skill. Plus, learning to cook will always earn him brownie points with women.