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Pregnancy and early parenting days left me with little time to read books. Secretly, I wished I could steal some me time and fly away to a world of dubious characters, happy plots, and romantic drama. That time never came.


During this phase, I kept adding and removing books from my wishlists on Amazon and Flipkart so after 1.5 years when I finally decided to give myself that me time, I didn’t know which book to pick. I decided to ask my cousin AG (bookworm) for a recommendation. I messaged her on Whatsapp and her response was…

“I don’t read fiction (anymore)…grew out of it”

What?? How could that be?? There were too many questions in my mind, but I didn’t ask her any. I ended our conversation with a family joke. What could she be reading other than fiction? Is she reading self-help books? Maybe she is reading books related to her work. I concluded that way and moved on to thoughts about my own day-to-day reading list.

Like I said, I didn’t have the time to read a book from start to finish BUT ..THAT DIDN’T MEAN I WASN’T READING AT ALL… How come I never paid attention to this little detail? I had spent months feeling bad about not being able to read a book and now I realize that the reading never stopped, but  somewhere down the line my interests had shifted. Maybe I didn’t pick a book because I was still getting my daily dose of information and escapism from somewhere else (yes, that’s what a good read means to me).

Armed with this sudden realization, I decided to delve further into it and put it on paper. So here it is.

I start my day by skimming through the local newspaper and end it with a quick glance of my favorite fashion blog. In between, I read articles and posts related to work, parenting, relationships etc.

LinkedIn is my one-stop shop for everything concerning work and professional life. On an average, I read at least 3 to 4 LinkedIn articles a day- contributions by my connections, shared articles, featured articles, and posts written by InFluencers. I love reading articles by Jeff Haden. He has DEEPLY influenced my perspective on many aspects of professional and personal life.

Twitter is my lifeline. It’s my live-wire for news, views, and even for snooping around (go figure!). Facebook is not on my list and it comes as a surprise to many people when I say “I love social media minus Facebook”. To be seen and heard you need to be on FB, but if you just want to listen in and speak then Twitter is your oasis.

Last and my favorite read is the High heel Confidential blog. Like the blog owners describe it, “Your Fashion Fix, Guilt-Free!” I have shared this blog with many friends because that’s how much I have loved it over the years. It’s a fashion blog on Indian celebs and their sartorial hits and misses. Whenever I need a break from work or just a change in mood this is where I like to be- the world of Louboutins, Birkins, and Elie Saabs.

There it was, my Alternative Reading List, which I didn’t even realize existed!