“Don’t judge people, you never know what kind of battle they are fighting…”

I often say this to myself. Especially when I am being judgmental about someone I don’t know too well. I feel, this simple mental check spreads kindness and improves our social interactions.

Today I was at the receiving end of this kind gesture.

It wasn’t the best start to my day but I had to drag myself around the house doing stuff. My mind was not at ease but I managed to get out of the house, on time, with little one in toe. On the way to her school, I tried focusing on what she wanted me to say and do. I dropped her off and decided to spend some me-time thinking about what was worrying me.

At the coffee shop, just as I was settling down, I noticed another mum sitting alone in the corner. Her daughter goes to the same school as mine. I was in no mood to socialize so I kept to myself. At one point, we did make eye-contact but I looked away! How rude. What’s wrong with me today? I am having a bad day so it’s ok to ignore the world, I told myself. Besides, look at that diva sitting pretty all by herself. Saying hi would only mean i am disturbing her and piling on. No, just stay here and focus on the food. I did exactly that. A little later, when i got up to pay for my food, I was suddenly staring at the same lady and she smiled at me. I smiled back…

She: Your child goes to abc school, right?

Me: Yes..

She: I knew I had seen you before. Why don’t you join us over there. I am catching up with another mum from the same school

Me: Yea, sure. Would love to (Really??)

And just like that, this stranger slowly got me talking and in less than ten minutes I was laughing with her. It was a free-wheeling conversation about kids, parenting, the city, and our families. About an hour later, we walked back to the school. On the way, we exchanged numbers and decided to meet again tomorrow.

When I got into the car, I could feel the difference in me. Suddenly, I was thinking more about the good time I had and I felt I could now deal with my own issues better. I felt much lighter and happier. My problems and worries were still looming in the dark but someone made my day, inspite of my initial indifference.

I decided to text her.

Me: Thank you for stopping by and saying hello 🙂 It was great meeting you guys.

She: It was lovely meeting you too…glad I stopped!!!

IMAGE: http://spiritualcleansing.org/