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A sleepless night followed by a day of attention-seeking-cries from a child can play havoc on the mind and body of a parent. An unwell child can single-handedly disturb schedules and bring life to a stand still but you know what makes the situation worse? A cranky parent. So don’t be one. Take charge from the word go and conquer the situation. Approach the day as you would handle a tough day at work or elsewhere. A little planning and attention can save you from a lot of stress and undesired situations within the family.

Here are 3 things Moms and Dads should do for their own peace of mind, on sick-baby days:

  1. Give up on social media for a few hours/ days. Yes, that’s the first and most important thing to do. Informing your WhatsApp groups about the rough night you had or updating FB with your saga is a waste of time, unless, you expect one of your friends to show up with food or aid. Spare yourself the time and energy. Be mindful of the situation at all times. You don’t want to lose sight till you have waded yourself out of this situation. If you do have the luxury of time then take a nap. Get enough rest so that you can handle the stress better. Trust me, you don’t want to pile on the guilt of snapping at a child who is looking at you for comforting words and hugs.
  2. Stock up your pantry and fridge: Food fuss is bound to increase during sickness. So be prepared to offer choices during meals. Cook and stock up food whenever you can. If your child is on medication you have to ensure that the right food is ready and available on time. Think soups, light snacks, and small meals. Cook enough and keep it ready so that others in the family can heat it up and feed everyone in case you need to be in bed with the child or run for quick errands.
  3. Be the Captain of the ship but ask for help: Parenting is easy, said no parent ever! So brace yourself and get going. Be the Captain of the ship- plan, delegate, and supervise. Keep a running list of things to be done (setting out-of-office if it was an emergency leave), chores to be done, getting things from the supermarket etc. If you think you need to personally take care of all the miscellaneous tasks then have someone sit by the sick child and check back as often as you can. Ask for help and involve other adults and kids in the family.  In a stressful situation, arguments happen, temperatures soar, and sometimes people break down but remember the Captain is in charge of the ship and it’s the Captain’s responsibility to keep the crew together in stormy situations.

Finally, don’t forget to shower your child with all the love, care, and hugs.  Be patient, this too shall pass!


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